Why I Stopped Selling on Fiverr

Quitting at the height of my earnings.

Half Pint Jules


Ever since I found Fiverr a few years ago, I’ve not only recommended the platform to other freelancers but businesses big and small that need help in specific areas.

That's what Fiverr is literally made for!

To find the perfect person for the job that you have on hand.

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I've had some really great experiences, (making up to $500 an hour) and some really horrible ones, (almost getting involved in an illegal cheque cashing scam), but when I was pulling together all my different income streams from this past year, I noticed I put zero time into Fiverr.

This hadn't been a conscious decision, I just found myself accepting fewer and fewer jobs. Even when I needed the money.

Here’s why.

The work was more trouble than it was worth.

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Maybe I wasn’t charging enough or maybe I had too lenient of terms to where I got taken advantage of.

Either way, when broken down to hourly — work for pay, I rarely came out feeling accomplished with my earnings.

Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t really matter how good you are at what you do, if your prices aren’t competitive, you won’t get the gigs.

Simple as that.

And that’s where Fiverr has really gone downhill in my opinion.

The over-saturation of sellers makes it too hard to compete when everyone else is willing to do it for cheaper.

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With my degree and experience level, I expected to make about $50 an hour, but after all was said and done with communication with the client and revisions, I wound up with FAR less than that.



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