TikTok Mega Star Just Proved Why You Always Choose Your Brand Over Bucks

Don’t risk possibly ending your career for a quick payday

Half Pint Jules


Brand deals are arguably the most significant income stream for a personal online business.

Influencers, if you will.

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But what happens if you end up taking money from the wrong company?

I’ve seen some significant issues arise from content creators that were not treated well by brands, like having to wait months to get paid for work that’s been delivered, or using their image or likeness across multiple platforms or campaigns without direct permission.

It’s no secret that these mega corps have more power in money and lawyers than any little ol’ online entrepreneur will ever have, so it’s safe to assume they don’t see any reproductions that come from mistreatment or mishandling your image.

But aside from the countless ways a brand can lead you into a mess, let’s talk about how you can lead yourself into a mess by aligning yourself with the wrong brand.

I hate to say it, babe, but perception is everything.

When you are a content creator or influencer, it’s the sad but hard truth.

Your audience only knows what you give them. And this power can be used for good or evil.

And when you are trying to sell something to your audience, you better stand behind what you’re slinging because if your audience doesn’t call out on it, you’re critics will.

Real-life Reprocutions

TikTok megastar and LSU Gymnist, Livvy Dunne (7.4M followers) has received massive backlash for signing with a tech company that does not align with the images she should want to represent.



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