I Said ‘I Quit this Bitch’ to a High Profile Client Today

Half Pint Jules
3 min readSep 3, 2022

Empower yourself and try this — I encourage it

If you’re not familiar with the reference, cause I’m sure that the majority of you aren’t — in my listening area there’s a popular morning radio show, that let’s just say, pushes every boundary there is for broadcasted morning radio.

But it’s hilarious, and their listener call-in segments are pure GOLD.

In one particular episode, they were talking about a fellow radio broadcaster who went on air and unloaded all the reasons why she wasn’t happy at her job and finally ended her rant with “I quit this bitch, I’m out” and left the stunned audience with dead air.

What a fucking mic-drop moment.

But when you have nothing to lose, one may get pushed to such extremes…

Like I was today.

Photo by Kayla Speid on Unsplash

As a part-time gig, I work providing an in-home service for a handful of clients.

I have an hourly fee, but for consistent weekly and bi-weekly clients, I cut them a little bit of a deal because it’s much easier performing my service on a more regular basis rather than not.

I worked for one particular family for about 9 months on a weekly basis — every interaction being mentally exhausting, I don’t know how else to describe it.

There was always something wrong with the appointment that THEY set.

I always felt like an inconvenience to them because they would schedule me during the seemingly worst and most hectic 3 hours of their week. Not to mention there were always a lot of extra accommodations they required, hoops I didn’t have to juggle and dodge with other clients.

But it was consistent money and the commute was short so I grinned and bore all of their requests.

Then it happened.

In a conversation about moving forward into a new season, the woman of the house mentioned that their budget for my services was going to be dropping. I told her that was fine and gave her the new timeframe in which I’d be working to accommodate that budget.

But she didn’t like that.



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