How to start working with big brands as a small creator

Without inflating your numbers or selling your soul.

Half Pint Jules


Making money as a small creator has been thought of as tough in the past. And for good reason.

It actually is really hard.

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But with more and more platforms emerging daily with better and always improving incentives and partnership programs, if done correctly, a small creator can easily make 4–5 figures a month online.

I’ve structured this list by being most accessible to smaller creators as they grow and expand their needs in this department.

You’ll find as you grow, all the moving parts can get quite difficult (and boring, let’s be honest) to handle all on your own. This is where you’ll start to look into expanding your team.

But we’ll get there. For now;

1. Get a Well-Made EPK

An EPK or Electronic Press Kit is essentially an interactive resume and guide to your content.

As a graphic designer, I have to emphasize the representation of ‘well-made’ in this summary because it doesn’t matter if your press kit is beautifully designed, if it doesn’t work properly, you may not get the click-through you are hoping for. Literally.

You can’t depend on the fact that whoever sees your kit first will think you’re interesting enough to first, look into you further, and second have to hunt you down cause your links aren’t working.

It’s not only unprofessional looking, it could cost you a partnership.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Select a 5-star seller on Fiverr who specializes in EPKs and be very forthcoming with any and all existing branding and imagery and you’ll no doubt get an amazing kit ready to blast into the cybersphere.

2. Fish, Fish, Fish.

Once you have an eye-catching, clickable EPK, it’s time to get it out there.

You can apply for major partnership or affiliate programs most times directly through company…



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