Earn a Living off your Odd Interests

The Keys to Consistency Profiting off your Niche. Profits to put any FT Salary to shame!

Half Pint Jules


The times of working a typical 9 to 5 have become a thing of the past for a select number of people who cracked the code on how to profit hugely off of their tiny corners of the internet.

Finding and earning off a specific interest, weird obsession, or literally whatever else interests you can not only be a successful side hustle but has the potential to earn you more than you could have ever imagined.

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Honestly, the weirder, the better.

When working with niches, you basically have to throw everything you know about convention out the window.

It may be hard to think past the people in your life — friends and family that have certain and/or common interests.

But have you ever been interested in something and thought “This is too weird for anyone else to like.”

Well, you’re totally wrong.

And your people are looking for you. And waiting for whatever it is that you want to offer your community.

  • Animal taxidermy scenery? You bet.
  • Colouring pages of famous mid-century art but marijuana-themed? Yup.
  • 70’s inspired dollhouse furniture? Yes, that too. And at every scale, in fact.

My point here is that you can capitalize on oddities and super in-depth categories in a big way.

Once you find the community (social platform or online marketplace) where your specific genre is thriving, you’ll be on your way, my friend.

Use places like Pinterest, Etsy, and even Reddit to find content and conversations about your subject matter.

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The catch:



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