3 Ways I Make Money Online That AREN’T “Side Hustles”

Half Pint Jules
5 min readMay 24, 2022

With Tips on How to Scale Up!

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Pretty much everyone you know nowadays has something else going on besides their ‘main’ gig.

Life has become so expensive that more than one income can be needed to achieve or maintain a particular lifestyle. Even housing nowadays seems like it requires its own full-time job to get paid, let alone covering every other expense we have in life.

Oh, and have you seen the price of gas?

Even with a great-paying job, ‘side hustles’ are often picked up by people looking to have the extras in life. Some people, just want food in the fridge. Both are relatable to me.

But the amazing part about having a side hustle (or not), is you can choose to scale it up or down whenever you want.

Every single thing on this list can be turned into a side hustle or even a full-time gig if you want it to. Turning a side hustle into a career isn’t unheard of so should you stumble upon something that lights a spark in you, there are always ways to expand each one of these into its very own cash cow, believe me!

Side hustles require a lot of effort let alone the funds to get started. I’ve tried and tested a ton in my time of earning online and most are a straight up waist of time.

But earning extra cash is SO nice!

So how do you make money with avoiding Side Hustles?

Put simply, I never let something become a lot of work, an inconvenience, or cost me money.

Let’s jump into it.

1. Buy Low/Sell for Retail

I do this just because it’s fun.

And I love shopping, so sue me.

Actually don’t. I really don’t think I’d be able to afford that. I may have a shopping addiction.

Anyways, have you ever been shopping and seen something on clearance and thought “Wow, although I don’t need that, that’s a great price” and then walked away?

Yah, I can’t do that last part unless that item is within my grasp.



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