3 other YouTube channels you’ll LOVE if you’re a fan of Bailey Sarian

Half Pint Jules
3 min readAug 9, 2022

True Crime enthusiasts gather ‘round.

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YouTube, like for more people at this point, has become one of those platforms that I frequent more than traditional social media.

As a creator myself, I would much rather get my information (and range of opinions) from real people where facts and public information aren’t curated for mainstream media.

That’s why I’m so indulgent in the True Crime and Non-Fiction storytelling of these amazing creators below.

Bailey Sarian has become the mecca of true crime channels at this point and whether you enjoy makeup tutorials or not, her bubbly personality and sense of humour are easy to hang out with.

But as we have seen time and time again as creator audiences grow into the double-digit millions, is that we want a lot more of them than they can provide.

And not so shockingly, in the jetstream of Bailey's success comes a handful of creators that have been able to catch some of the wondering and curious cats like me.

Although a very oversaturated platform, let alone genre within it, there are a few creators that are well worth the watch (or listen to) if True Crime is just as much of a passion of yours as it is mine.


Kendall Rae — 3.29M Subscribers

Kendall's channel provides the true-crime podcast-style storytelling we like without the make-up.

As someone who doesn’t follow beauty content on YT yet LOVES Bailey’s channel, I tend to gravitate more towards creators like Kendall who stuck with more of the ‘sit and talk with us’ format instead of a GRWM video.

Kendall has covered a lot of the cases that Bailey has touched on but I have never found watching both repetitive.

They both have their own unique way of sharing their researched information and as a T.C. superfan, I love hearing cases from multiple sources anyway.

Kendal does a great job of telling the stories in her own way, which was something I was questioning when I stepped outside of the…



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